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  • For Hand Pressing Units: </br>Handle Body with Tooth-Plates</br>Parts $4.99 + $4.50 Shipping = $9.49

    For Hand Pressing Units:
    Handle Body with Tooth-Plates
    Parts $4.99 + $4.50 Shipping = $9.49

    Availability: Usually ships the same business day

    Product Description

    Suitable for DynaMop®Plunger and DynaMop®EXTRA models
    Parts include the handle body, Spiral tooth-plates (x2) inside the body and locking sleeve (Handle cap is not include).
    Please do not throw away any parts until new parts order is received.

    Parts $4.99
    Shipping $4.50
    Total Cost $9.49

    * Parts as shown in picture, Color may vary
    * To be shipped by USPS First Class Parcel

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